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MacOSX: iterm2 tips

ITerm2 is one of the best terminal applications I’ve used. The OSX default terminal is cool but lack some features that iterm2 fulfill. One of the things I missed from Linux was quake-styles terminals like guake. iterm2 has this feature built-in.

To enable it, open preferences and go to the Keys window. Here is how I configured:

Now, when I press Command+p the hotkey window will open. In the profile preferences, you will see that iterm2 creates a profile to the hotkey window. There you can adjust the appearance of the window.

The default behavior of the hotkey window is problematic ( IMO ). Because I use iterm2 maximized to edit the code, and the hotkey window to compile. When I close the hotkey window ( Command-p again ) the focus isn’t restored to the terminal. This is annoying because I don’t want to click on the editor window every time my hotkey window is closed. But there’s a way to address this issue. It is on the General tab:

The option is the third “Closing hotkey window…“. Doing that you will have a quake-style terminal on your MacOSX…


Um comentário em “MacOSX: iterm2 tips

  1. cfbastarz
    setembro 26, 2012

    thanks man, this is just what i was looking for!

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