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Cross-compiling for x86 in FreeBSD 64 bit

Today I needed to create 32 bit binaries of a program but I had only a 64 bit FreeBSD 8 machine. I must say that I am far from being a FreeBSD expert like some guys I know, so maybe there is a better way for doing this. But… was the only way I found.

In Linux I often do this by using a tool called crosstool. The crosstool is a series of scripts that makes the process of building a custom toolchain so easy that my 9-year daughter is able to create her custom toolchain…

I googled and could not find anything like crosstool for BSD, the easiest way I found is by creating a chroot for i386 architecture and compiling the program inside the chroot. The information published here I found in many forums and pages about freebsd. Following are the steps I’ve done:

% mkdir /usr/x86/

% cd /usr/src

% make TARGET_ARCH=i386 buildworld

% make TARGET_ARCH=i386 DESTDIR=/usr/x86 installworld

You’ll need some coffee to wait the compilation to end. After that the base system is inside /usr/x86, but you still need to create the proc filesystem. You can do this:

% mkdir /usr/x86/proc
% mount -t procfs proc /usr/x86/proc

Now you must be able to chroot to your brand new x86 kernel. Just type:

% chroot /usr/x86

After that I realized that I still need some files that are outside the new root, so I needed to mount a nullfs for the directories containing those files:

#get out from jail
% exit

#mount /usr/ports and /usr/local/include inside the <em>jail</em>

% mkdir -p /usr/x86/usr/ports
% mkdir -p /usr/x86/usr/local/include

% mount -t nullfs /usr/ports /usr/x86/usr/ports
% mount -t nullfs /usr/local/include /usr/x86/usr/local/include

#get in the jail again

% chroot /usr/x86

# build CMake ( this is optional )
% cd /usr/ports/devel/cmake
% make && make install

#build boost libraries needed
% cd /tmp/boost/tools/build/v2/
% ./
% ./bjam install

%/usr/local/bin/bjam --with-thread --with-regex --with-filesystem --layout=tagged

# compile the program

% cd ~/<project-name>/build
% cmake ../src/
% make

To assert that the file is x86 type:

% file <binary-name>
<binary-name>: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (FreeBSD), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for FreeBSD 8.2, stripped

That’s it… hope it helps somebody.


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